Book Review: The Midnight Room by: Ronica Black

Rating: 3/5

Publisher:  Bold Strokes Books

Publish Date: December 18, 2012

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Format:  Trade Paperback

Order From:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Bold Strokes Books

Synopsis: Lillian Gray thinks she’s got it all under control. Work, sobriety, church visits, and aching over her ex take up most of her time. But her long-time friends insist on seeing her and continuously invite her to the local lesbian bar The Griffin. Lillian agrees to go, unknowingly placing herself in the path of someone who will shake up her carefully controlled world for good.

Personal fitness trainer Audrey McCarthy is a heartbreaker. Love is the last thing on her mind despite the concern from her married friends. So when she collides with Lillian Gray in the “midnight room” one night at The Griffin, she’s left shocked, breathless, and hopelessly smitten. But Lillian isn’t willing to let go of the past or admit her feelings, especially for a heartbreaker like Audrey McCarthy who seems unwilling to change her gallivanting ways.

Can repeated trips to the midnight room change them both?

Review: ‘The Midnight Room’ features Lillian Gray, a therapist, and Audrey McCarthy, a personal trainer. Lillian has a boatload of issues, not the least of which are dealing with sobriety and pining for her worthless ex-girlfriend. Audrey has her own yacht-sized issues, most of the stemming from the treatment she received at the hands of her mother. When Lillian and Audrey collide in The Griffin’s The Midnight Room, is there much more to them being thrown together than lust? Will Lillian and Audrey’s issues keep them from a ‘happily ever after’, either with or without each other?

Let’s first talk about the characters…

Lillian is a therapist. I’m sure there are a lot of therapists who have many issues of their own, but I know therapists do have therapists of their own to sort out those underlying issues and any which may come up in treatment. Lillian is also a recovering alcoholic, who lets her friends drag her to a bar at least twice a week if not more. I felt if Lillian’s friends truly cared about her, they’d be happy to meet somewhere else besides the local lesbian bar. Lillian’s also keeping herself out of a relationship and out of the dating scene because she’s pinned her hopes on her ex-girlfriend returning some day, even though all her ex did was complain about how miserable she was in their relationship.

Audrey, aside from being a personal trainer, is the big stud on campus at The Griffin. She’s wanted by every woman, except Lillian. She’s totally against commitment and relationships because of her childhood. So she goes from woman to woman, with very few repeat performances. Basically she’s sleeping her way through the majority of the lesbian population in town. I don’t feel this behavior is okay when it’s used as a means to hide from your problems.

When Lillian and Audrey meet up in ‘The Midnight Room’, there are tons of sparks, but neither one wants to deal with their feelings. This leads to all sorts of heartaches and miscommunications, until they seem to miraculously figure out their issues and everything works out between them. The whole middle of the story seems to be a push-me-pull-me scenario, with neither one wanting to give an inch and their only compatibility seems to be in the bedroom.

Overall, ‘The Midnight Room’ was okay, but I felt it could have been a bit longer to give a proper resolution or written so the events happened over a longer period of time.


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