Book Review: Killing Jenna Crane by: Lynette Sofras

Rating: 5/5

Publish Date: January 3, 2013

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: This is not a story about a murder, but a dark journey inside a writer's mind. Commitment-shy Ellis Crawford, creator of the famous and highly successful Jenna Crane mystery series, finds his comfortable life swept away when he meets Emily, his perfect woman.

Despite his deepening love for Emily, Ellis finds himself haunted by painful memories of a previous love whose heart he broke, and begins to regret his past behaviour. On top of that, Emily wants him to kill off his beloved heroine Jenna Crane - against fierce public opinion.

But life is too short for regrets and when his own rapidly spirals out of control, taking his reputation as an author with it, where will Ellis turn for help?

Review: At first, just by reading the title you’d assume ‘Killing Jenna Crane’ is a murder mystery. You’d be woefully mistaken. It is a mystery, just not the kind you’d expect. Ellis Crawford is a famous author; know most notably for his Jenna Crane mystery series. When he meets Chloe, who is renting a room in the house across the street, their friendship blossoms into something more and he is well-taken care of. Eventually, the bloom falls off any rose and he finds himself becoming distant from Chloe, treating her shabbily, and hurting her deeply without even realizing (or truly) caring he is doing so. It’s not long after Chloe leaves, he meets Emily. Strangely enough, she is staying in Chloe’s old room. Yet, she is nothing like Chloe to his enjoyment. Where Chloe wants him to keep writing Jenna Crane novels because she enjoys them greatly, Emily pushes Ellis to do what he secretly desires and kill her off. He feels he is above the wildly popular works and longs to write more serious treatise under his own name. The more he’s with Emily, the more his life begins to unravel. But who will help him now as he’s alienated everyone close to him – except Emily?

Ms. Sofras has a way with characterization which brings readers to feel deeply (good or bad) about those who populate her novel. Honestly, I felt Ellis was a jerk (to put it mildly) and was happy to see him reacting to Emily the way Chloe was to him. His obsession with Emily makes him lose focus and cost him a great deal, including his reputation. Yet Emily isn’t all she appears to be and Ellis will need to take a long hard look at his life to realize the truth. And the truth isn’t often pretty. ‘Killing Jenna Crane’ was a sophisticated mystery and character study which will capture your mind easily and swiftly. An excellently complex novel with an unexpected twist – a must read!


  1. Thank you, Star for your stellar review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the story.

    1. Hi Lynette, it was a pleasure to read and review your book!


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