Interview with Kate Baum, author of Nice Girl

Publish Date: December 5, 2012

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Author Interview: Please tell us about your current release:

Nice Girl is the first book of a planned four book series.  The series follows four best friends as they move from college life into the real world.  Even though the girls are in four different states, they keep in touch as friendship is a priority to them.  In the series, the girls will discover their strength and confidence in careers, relationships, life, love, and men!  Each girl has a unique personality.  There is the nice one, the brave one, the funny one and the smart one.

Here is the summary for Nice Girl:
Graduate student Grace Locke moves from the Midwest to New York City to complete her Masters degree in Criminology. She longs to one day be a college professor. It is a field that is dominated by men. She is worried about succeeding in such an atmosphere. Past sexual relationships have caused her to feel intimidated. Her experiences with college men have left her jaded and unsatisfied. She gives herself a challenge. Time to toughen up or she won’t make it in a career she yearns for. She decides to surround herself with alpha males so that she can practice becoming what she sees as a strong confident woman. She finds power and defiance in her new attitude……..until Vinnie.

When Grace takes a part time secretarial job at a private investigator office, she assumes it will be interesting to watch how the cases unfold. It is close to her campus apartment and gives her the extra cash she needs as a struggling college student. Even more perfect is that the office is surrounded by street wise hardened males. Now, she can get the needed practice at increasing her confidence among men. She wasn’t prepared for Vinnie Lewis. A former hit man who decides to go straight, he is the ultimate “bad boy”. After growing up with a prostitute mother on the streets of New York City, he has no patience for nice girls like Grace. He is difficult to work with. She finds him just plain scary with his six foot four frame, bulging biceps, and a scar from a former knife fight that goes across his right ear to his chin. She shakes in his presence but then ……. is shocked when she can’t stop thinking of him.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

The men that Grace, Eve, Janie, and Dee all fall in love with are fantasies in my head.  For a better explanation see the next question!

Can you tell us about the journey that led you to write your book?

When I was a young, I always loved writing stories but never thought about doing so professionally.  I was a voracious reader so I think I always saw writing as a natural extension.  It was something I enjoyed but didn’t think to pursue further.  As a middle school librarian, all I read for years was young adult.  It was exciting for me when each of my five children were in their teenage years as they were reading the same books as me!  I have been blessed that my own children are passionate about reading.  We would often exchange books and talk about them for hours.  It was a running joke that I never read adult.  My friends would say I was eternally stuck in my teenage years.

What changed all this was the popularity of fifty shades.  Now I know this is controversial in some circles.  I have fellow librarians and teachers that I work with that turn up their nose at this series.  They talk about the ridiculous story line or poor writing.  I don’t look at books that harshly.  To me, a book is an escape.  At first, I picked up fifty shades out of pure curiosity.  Instantly I became a fan of erotic romance.
The book reminded me of my own fantasies that I have had in my head for years that were dying to come out.  Reading erotic romance finally convinced me to put my own dreams out there.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your book?

At this point, I’m going to say no.  However, I am in the process of sending the book to as many reviewers as I can to help get my name out there.  I am enjoying the feedback but so far, I haven’t seen anything I want to change.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

As a middle school librarian, I set up author visits every year.  A few years back, I was contemplating writing a young adult series.  I confessed to the author that was visiting I was thinking about it but was overwhelmed with trying to find the time.  She gave me great advice.  She said “Write every day.  Even if it’s only 30 minutes.  Write something.”

I needed to remember that when I started Nice Girl.  As I wrote above, I have five children and a full time job.  I get up for work at 5am so it is hard for me to keep my eyes open at night.  I took that advice to heart of making sure I wrote every day.  Otherwise, I could see how frustrating it would be to just give up.

Do you have a musical playlist you listen to when writing?

Not usually.  Since I have been raising children for twenty years AND am a school librarian in a school of 1000 students, I find myself craving quiet!  Although, the song “Holding out for a hero” was inspirational in writing Nice Girl.

What would you say in your most interesting writing quirk?

Sometimes when I’m writing, I’ll find myself getting stuck at a certain point.  So, that night I dream about it and the next step comes to me.  Yes, I like to dream about my characters.

Do you have plans for any subsequent books?

Nice Girl is book one of a four planned book series.  I also have ideas for two more books on characters that are introduced in the Girl Series.

Please tell us your latest news.

Right now I am immersed in book two, Eve’s story in Brave Girl.  Since I am a school librarian, I get two blessed months off during the summer.  I hope then to work on my publicity better.

Do you have any specific that you want to say to your readers?

Keep giving Indie books a chance!


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