Book Review: Songs of Sappho 6: Sophie's Lament by: Marie-Elise Bassett

Rating: 4/5

Publisher:  Musa Publishing

Publish Date: November 9, 2012

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Format:  E-book

Order From:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Musa Publishing

Synopsis: Can the daughters of a vicar and an earl find love despite their parents' meddling?

Everyone is unhappy with Sophie, but it really isn’t her fault. Her father can’t understand why she wants to reject the brilliant match he’s arranged with the squire’s son. Her sister thinks Sophie has stolen her beau. Her fiancé thinks Sophie has schemed behind his back. And Sophie’s true love, Juliet, thinks Sophie has been dishonest about her intentions. Can Sophie untangle this lovers’ knot before she loses Juliet? Perhaps—but only if her family stops meddling.

Review: Sophie is the vicar’s daughter and her best friend, Juliet, is the daughter of the earl. They’ve been fast friends since their childhood, but now it is time to start making grown-up choices and arrangements. Sophie’s father wants her to marry Juliet’s brother. Yet, Sophie’s sister has been in love with him forever and Sophie’s true feelings are for Juliet. How can Sophie make everything work out the way it is supposed to be and everyone gets to be happy?

I feel even though ‘Sophie’s Lament’ is a short story, you get a true feel for the characters. I enjoy the “Songs of Sappho” series very much and ‘Sophie’s Lament’ is a beautiful story of expectation versus reality. Sophie is very intelligent and she works hard to bring about a happy ending to everyone’s story, especially because if she doesn’t, more people than only Sophie will be miserable for life. Tender sensuality and burgeoning feelings make ‘Sophie’s Lament’ all the more real. This is a mature story for adults, so please be over the age of majority in your area before reading. I was definitely entranced by ‘Sophie’s Lament’.

Songs of Sappho Series: Lily in Bloom (1), My Lady's Service (2), A Sweet Revenge (3), The Food of Love (4), Bound by Fortune (5), Sophie's Lament (6), A Lady Never Tells (7)


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