Book Review: Dragon Precinct by: Keith R.A. DeCandido

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Dark Quest Books

Publish Date: December 30, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: Humans and elves, dwarves and gnomes, wizards and warriors all live and do business in the thriving, overcrowded port city of Cliff's End, to say nothing of the tourists and travelers who arrive by land and sea, passing through the metropolis on matters of business or pleasure-or on quests. The hard-working, under-appreciated officers of the Cliff's End Castle Guard work day and night to maintain law and order as best they can.Gan Brightblade is one of the world's greatest heroes and a personal friend of the Lord and Lady of Cliff's End. So when he's brutally murdered in grubby lodgings in Dragon Precinct, on the eve of a great quest, the Captain of the Guard puts his two best investigators on the case.

Review: In Cliff’s End, Danthres Tresyllione and Torin ban Wyvald are the best detectives the Castle Guard has to offer. They get called in when a hero from the Elven Wars is murdered in a seedy inn, but there are no clues to follow. The M.E. says there is no presence of magic and they can’t find any physical evidence either. Yet when the Brightblade’s comrades start falling dead, the pressure’s on…

‘Dragon Precinct’ is a relatively short book and even so, it’s put together very well and is full of adventure. I love the quirky characters and the mix of mystery and fantasy. Cliff’s End is a hodgepodge of different races: elves, dwarves, hobgoblins, gnomes, humans, and half-breeds. The main characters are very memorable and I really liked the “locked-door” mystery they had to solve. I’m glad I picked this one to read and I’m looking forward to reading the next two books in the series!

Series: Dragon Precinct (1), Unicorn Precinct (2), Goblin Precinct (3)


  1. This is an exciting book. I love books like this who goes beyond what humans see in normal basis. This books is surely a must-have.

  2. This is an awesome book. I love the cover very magical. Thank you for sharing this one! Really appreciate it.


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