Book Review: The Spanish Revenge by: Allan Topol

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Vantage Point

Publish Date: September 1, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: Craig Page, the bold and daring EU Director of Counterterrorism, becomes the focal point of an effort to stop the feared terrorist Ahmed Sadi, whose goal is to provoke a Muslim uprising in Western Europe.  Ahmed, a Muslim fanatic born in Paris to parents who emigrated from Algeria, calls himself Musa Ben Abdil, after a Muslim hero from the Fifteenth Century War with Spain.  Page teams up once again the resourceful Elizabeth Crowder, a newspaper reporter who has also become his lover.  Ahmed’s plans become far more menacing when he is joined by Chinese General Zhou, who had been exiled to France for his devious actions in The China Gambit.  With Zhou’s assistance, Ahmed’s plan is to launch a horrific attack on the heart of Christianity.  At the same time, Ahmed wants to retake militarily for Islam a portion of Southern Spain.  He relies upon a medieval parchment he claims to have uncovered, in which Queen Isabella on her death bed in 1504 ceded a portion of Southern Spain to the Muslims in perpetuity.  His one main obstacle: Page himself is hot on his trail, determined as ever to save the world from a master criminal.  From Spain to Morocco, and beyond to Italy, Page and General Zhou renew their battle, even as Ahmed plots his deadly revenge. 

Review: Allan Topol is back with Craig Page and Elizabeth Crowder in ‘The Spanish Revenge’ after the events in ‘The China Gambit’. They are investigating the bombing of a train in Spain and as they dig deeper an unsavory and unwanted link is found between the Muslim bomber and Page’s nemesis, General Zhou. This does not bode well for anyone! As fiction and fact combine, the results are an explosive thriller which will leave you breathless.

While ‘The Spanish Revenge’ is more of a cerebral thriller than ‘The China Gambit’ there is still plenty of action. Mr. Topol has an ingenious way of blending history and current political issues into an engaging storyline with captivating characters. I am eager to see how the final showdown unfolds in the next book!

Craig Page Series: The China Gambit (1), The Spanish Revenge (2)


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