Book Review: One Hospital Nightmare by: A.P. Kasch

Rating: 3/5


Publish Date: October 13, 2012

Origins: From Author/Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Amazon

Synopsis: Something just isn’t right at Battlefield Memorial Hospital. Nick Moore, a sensible middle-aged man from Eastern Texas, must admit that his best friend Jared might not be losing his marbles after all. By an eerie twist of fate, both of them end up in this same out-of-the-way hospital at the same time. Nick soon learns that Jared’s irrational, terrified rants about the place don’t tell the half of it.

It isn’t just the hospital staff preying on fears from Nick’s past. The equipment, furnishings, and even the building itself seem to be conspiring evil against him. Time slows almost to a halt as the line between nightmare and reality becomes blurry. A mystery begins to unfold, however, and a famous local event which occurred nearly two centuries ago is somehow connected.

Review: ‘One Hospital Nightmare’ is not a book for those who have a phobia about hospitals! I found this story to be creepy and mind-bending without being gory or over-the-top. The author has written a clever blend of history and horror as those at Battlefield Memorial Hospital have found themselves under a curse. This curse has then reenacting the 170 year old battle between the Comanche and the citizens of Texas, but the story is told in a way where the reader, as the patient, doesn’t know what is real and what is make-believe until the end. ‘One Hospital Nightmare’ will definitely have you looking over your shoulder and not wanting to go to the hospital any time soon…

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