Book Review: Dogs Running a Hill by: Joe Abruzzo

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: iUniverse

Publish Date: July 27, 2012

Origins: From Publisher For Review

Format: Paperback/E-book

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Synopsis: If you love something so much, you are vulnerable. Somebody or something can get to you. If you lack faith, you have created another vulnerability, a second Achilles heel. Jay Gerinni has an unconditional love for the dogs that he raised, trained, and bird hunted. He also questions faith. Hounded by Evil, yet aided by Good, Jay's adventures, from hunting the bird fields of Kansas to traveling the world to help with search and rescue, further strengthen his bond with and love for dogs.

Based on the screenplay 'A Day In Dog Years', the story depicts the growing relationship between Jay and a series of canines that helped him find comfort, direction and hope. When Evil attacks his love by harming his dogs, he has nowhere to turn, except to respond in kind. Now, as Jay faces his own mortality, the secret that he has kept covered for many years threatens to overtake his peace of mind. Can the canine friends he has devoted his life to now be the answer to his own salvation?

Dogs Running a Hill is a unique and inspirational story of love, devotion, and friendship between man and his best friend.

Review: Jay Gerinni has had a special relationship with dogs ever since his first dog he got as a child, Whiskey. To him, they embody unconditional love and goodness. One fateful day, while walking Whiskey he ran into a church to stay warm and something the custodian said to him caused him to question his faith and the nature of souls. Through the years, from his tenth birthday to his passing, dogs have been a cornerstone of his life. He must stand up to Evil when it attacks his dogs and in doing so puts into action a series of events which will come back to haunt him and his loved ones.

While love can make you vulnerable, I feel it also gives great strength. ‘Dogs Running a Hill’ is a poignant story of love, loss, and faith. I think the story was brilliantly told through Jay’s experiences with the different dogs he’s had over his lifetime. I feel as if dogs are truly innocent and they are clean slate on which is imprinted the care (or lack thereof) at the hands of their owner. I definitely cried during several parts of the book when the Evil attacked Jay’s dogs and I admire the unrelenting strength these dogs had to overcome the worst. ‘Dogs Running a Hill’ will make a positive impact on all readers, even people who don’t consider themselves a “dog person”. 


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