Book Review: Cry of the Wolf by: Rachel Roberts

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Seven Seas

Publish Date: March 18, 2008

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Can Adriane save Stormbringer?

What comes between a girl and the magical animal she's bonded with? When the girl is Adriane, fearless and fierce, and the creature is her best friend, the wolf, Stormbringer, no danger is too great. So when Stormbringer is lured back into the magical world, Adriane secretly follows - right through the portal!

There, Adriane faces powerful magical creatures when she tries to save her friend - and experiences a different kind of magic when she meets a strange boy with dangerous secrets.

Review: ‘Cry of the Wolf’ is Adriane’s book and I feel it’s the strongest of the Avalon books so far. The relationship between Adriane and Stormbringer is heartfelt and deep. When she follows Stormbringer to the Shadowlands of Aldenmor, she’s willing to do what it takes to bring Stormbringer back home with her – including face an entire mistwolf pack! With help from Zach (the only other human in Aldenmor) and his griffin plus the other girls’ magic Adriane must work hard defeat the forces against her. I am a huge fan of Adriane and her warrior spirit! I was glad to see her being the focus of ‘Cry of the Wolf’. While she is a loner by nature, her relationship with Stormbringer is the deepest she has (aside from her friendship with Emily and Kara). I loved how Ms. Roberts populated the Shadowlands with dragons, mistwolves, manticores, and griffins! Fast-paced, full of action and adventure, ‘Cry of the Wolf’ is my favorite Avalon book so far. I know Ms. Robert’s has more great adventures in store for Adriane, Kara, and Emily!

Avalon: Web of Magic series: Circles in the Stream (1), All That Glitters (2), Cry of the Wolf (3), The Secret of the Unicorn (4), Spellsinger (5), Trial By Fire (6), Song of the Unicorns (7), All's Fairy in Love and War (8), Ghost Wolf (9), The Heart of Avalon (10), Dark Mage (11), Full Circle (12)


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