Book Review: All That Glitters by: Rachel Roberts

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Seven Seas

Publish Date: March 18, 2008

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Emily and Adriane each have one thing Kara lacks—a magic gem. But when Kara finally finds a magic stone of her own—a diamond unicorn horn—it brings more trouble than the girls can handle. Pesky dragonflies start showing up everywhere and new Fairimentals appear, warning of danger. Worst of all, a band of terrifying monsters is stalking Kara. Overcoming these perils may bring the teens one step closer to Avalon, the source of all magic. But it may also cost one of them her life.

All That Glitters is the second book in Avalon: Web of Magic, a twelve-book fantasy series for middle grade readers. Through their magical journey, the teenage heroines discover who they really are . . . and run into plenty of good guys, bad guys, and cute guys.

Review: ‘All That Glitters’ is the second book in the Avalon series and the main focus is now on Kara. Kara’s used to having her way as she is the Mayor’s daughter. As the daughter of the mayor, especially in a small town, she usually gets what she wants when she wants it. What she wants now is the one thing she doesn’t have which Emily and Adriane do – a magical gem. As the old adage says ‘all that glitters isn’t gold’ and this becomes quite evident when Kara has unknowingly brought herself to the attention of the evil monsters because of her discovery of a diamond unicorn horn.

I know Kara has been my least favorite character in the Avalon series so far and some people may be off put by Kara being the focus of ‘All That Glitters’. Yet, I feel she does have some redeemable characteristics and deserves the chance to grow and learn from her mistakes and triumphs. I enjoyed ‘All That Glitters’, even if I didn’t like it as much as ‘Circles in the Stream. I like how the author has created a series which is a great magical adventure, but also teaches the readers some valuable character lessons. I do wonder if the focus is going to shift now for every book in the series, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea. 

Avalon: Web of Magic series: Circles in the Stream (1), All That Glitters (2), Cry of the Wolf (3), The Secret of the Unicorn (4), Spellsinger (5), Trial By Fire (6), Song of the Unicorns (7), All's Fairy in Love and War (8), Ghost Wolf (9), The Heart of Avalon (10), Dark Mage (11), Full Circle (12)


  1. Ehh, I agree with some points but I would give it a 4/5, I thought it was good.


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