Featured Website: HooplaHa - Life with a Smile

HooplaHa is a website designed to expose people to good news and inspirational stories to help them feel better about themselves, their lives, and the people around them.

It features high-quality original videos, photo's and text content meant for online sharing and viral impact. The site is designed purely to make you smile.

Today's video is about Shanelle Gabriel's fight with Lupus and how she lives every day climbing higher.

Shanelle was featured on the 6th season of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, and was recently spotlighted on the Rachael Ray Show. She’s shared stages with artists such as Eric Benet, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, Nas, and more – a truly motivated woman.

But in 2004, Shanelle was hit with a diagnosis of SLE Lupus. While some would succumb to an illness that causes exhaustion, nothing could tire out Shanelle; she decided that her health would not be something that would limit her success. Using that as her fuel, she decided that she would pursue her dreams and
encourage others who have obstacles in their path to do the same.

"I have Lupus, but I love life," proclaims Shanelle. Her inspirational story went live on HooplaHa.com today, spreading her mantra -- Embrace It, Rock Out, Live Your Life, Live Your Art.

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