Book Review: Sto's House Presents: Beer with a Mutant Chaser by: KT Pinto

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Dark Quest Books

Publish Date: May 31, 2011

Origins: From Publisher For Review

Format: Trade Paperback

Order From:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Dark Quest Books

Synopsis: On Staten Island, the forgotten borough of New York City, young men and women are waking up to find out that they are no longer the simple humans they were when they went to bed. They're changing, morphing, mutating... and there's nothing that can be done to stop it. So the crew at Sto's house does what anyone would do in this situation: they go in search of the ultimate microbrew. Spend some time with the mutants at Sto's House: Diana, the telekinetic; Sto, the empath; Jay, the pyrotechnic, and a host of other unique individuals who want nothing more than to just be left alone. Unfortunately for them, they seem to continually find themselves in situations where they have to save not necessarily the world (although maybe someday), but local landmarks and unknowing innocents from those that wish to do harm... and who wish they were as cool as Sto and his friends.

Review: A whole generation of kids in New York City has started mutating, due to a toxic landfill they’d been exposed to their entire lives. Some of the mutations are more obvious than others, extra limbs, etc., but Diana is a telekinetic – she can move objects with her mind. She meets Sto and his friends and becomes a regular fixture at Sto’s house. Follow Diana as she meets new people and gets tangled up in outrageous events. All of them circling around Sto’s house…

I wasn’t sure at first what ‘Sto's House Presents: Beer with a Mutant Chaser’ would be like, but I quickly was sucked into the story. Set up almost like vignettes, the author has brought to life ordinary people with a little extraordinary twist. I loved the characters and how their relationships with one another were portrayed fully without verbosity. They were either at Sto’s, out saving someone, or being saved, depending on the day. I thought how the author could make being a mutant seem so ordinary was an excellent touch. They can’t all be X-Men, you know! Quirky, strange, and loveable – ‘Sto's House Presents: Beer with a Mutant Chaser’ is all of those and more. 


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