Book Review: Sometime Yesterday by: Yvonne Heidt

Rating: 5/5

Publisher:  Bold Strokes Books

Publish Date: August 14, 2012

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Format:  Trade Paperback

Order From:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Bold Strokes Books

Synopsis: Successful artist Natalie Chambers impulsively buys a Victorian house overlooking the Pacific Ocean after her divorce. Immediately, her dreams are haunted by Sarah and Beth, two lovers from the past and the Dark Man who controlled their lives. When she begins to look for explanations for the things going bump in the night, the only answer she can get from the locals is that several previous owners had fled screaming into the night.

Landscaper Van Easton hasn’t had a serious relationship since her partner died. Content to let women and alcohol distract her from her pain, she is surprised at the intensity of emotion that bubbles to the surface after she meets Natalie. Contracted to restore the gardens at Natalie’s house, she refuses to believe that the mansion is haunted. Until the ghostly Dark Man follows her home.

It appears he will stop at nothing to keep the new lovers apart, and the violence continues to escalate. Can they solve the mystery that will set Beth and Sarah free and banish the evil presence in the house? Or will the evil echoes of the past destroy them as well?

Review: Natalie Chambers bought a new house with a beautiful view of the ocean on a gut impulse. It’s also a good place to start over after her divorce from a man she liked, but never truly loved. She never felt any real passion for him and it still hurt, but didn’t surprise her when he found someone new. Once Natalie has moved into her new home, she starts dreaming of Beth and Sarah, discovering they were lovers who lived and loved in her house and now their spirits are trapped here by the power of the Dark Man. Natalie comes to the realization she’s not frigid, she’s a lesbian. Enter Van Easton, a landscaper who Natalie hires to restore the gardens on the grounds and a woman who hasn’t let herself feel since her partner’s death. Van and Natalie are drawn closer together as Natalie strives to unravel the mystery of the Dark Man and the fate of Beth and Sarah. The Dark Man will stop at nothing to keep “his” women under his thumb, not even the grave keeps him contained…

‘Sometime Yesterday’ kept me glued to the pages! I enjoyed the story with the paranormal elements and the romance between Natalie and Van. Natalie’s mother and best friend were also great supporting characters, along with Van’s father. There were, of course, stumbling blocks to their relationship – some of Van’s flings and the Dark Man. I was surprised when the mystery unraveled to an epic and heart-wrenching conclusion. Ms. Heidt has written a spellbinding novel of love, loss, tragedy, and triumph!


  1. What an awesome way to start my day! Thank you so much. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
    Yvonne Heidt


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