Book Review: Roost by: Jasmine Winterson

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Camerado Books

Publish Date: September 4, 2012

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Four urban refugees move west, haunted by echoes of a tangled conspiracy. Colorado’s Western Slope and the fertile beauty of the Grand Valley beckon with the promise of new beginnings.

As the women seek to find their place in this seeming paradise, partnership with gutsy local Anna Garcia opens their eyes to an unsettled region torn by natural resource and labor wars.

For the men, a mountain biking trip with Olympian Derek Draben transforms their plans into a much broader vision of glory.

Time passes … relationships grow … until a chance meeting in the desert reminds everyone that the past lives on ... and does not forget.

A story of struggle, intrigue and redemption, Roost is Jasmine Winterson’s second novel. It is a compelling journey through the landscapes of the human experience and the American West.

Review: The past is never far behind as a group of friends who escaped to the west to forge a new path meet up again. Ms. Winterson’s novel, ‘Roost’, is fast paced as it focuses on life’s struggles and triumphs for four people and the place they now call home. ‘Roost’ is enjoyable and engaging novel which appealed to me, since I am a fan of mysteries. My knowledge of mountain biking (and of biking in general) is sparse, so I felt I learned some interesting aspects about biking and racing. I enjoyed the dynamic between the characters and I liked the setting also, as I’ve never been to Colorado (but now want to go!). Ms. Winterson was able to easily show how the past affected each person in the group of friends even into their present actions/behaviors. Definitely a strong second novel by Ms. Winterson!

Uncertain Ground Books: Climbing to Freedom, Roost

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