Book Review: The Recipe by: Maisy Dee

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publish Date: August 6, 2012

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: "First, combine the dry ingredients. They are what make the cake rise."

Craig has pined for Emily since the fourth grade. Imagine his surprise when, at the start of his junior year, he discovers that she has finally noticed him.

"Then, separately, stir up the wet ingredients."

When Emily returns to school the fall of her junior year, she finds that her old friend Craig has transformed from a gangly, brace-faced adolescent into a blue-eyed babe who is making her insides tingle.

"Fold the dry into the wet and mix it up."

Craig and Emily stir up a sweet and sexy adventure, exploring new recipes both in and out of the kitchen. But when things heat up on New Year's Eve, Craig is not sure he can stand it. Is he man enough for Emily? And what recipes have his closest friends Ryan and John been cooking up without telling him?

"Normally, the creme is spread between two cookies, but experimentation is encouraged."

Will Emily and Craig discover the secret ingredients for friendship, love and intimacy?

"The magical result will remind you that the best things in life are worth time and effort."

This isn't really a book about cooking. Recipes, however, are included.

Review: ‘The Recipe’ is a great book which I would want my child to read (if I had any children). It’s a touching and candid story of how high-school kids learn to deal with important issues concerning sex and relationships. What made this book so enjoyable to me were both the illustrations and the practical language in which these issues are discussed. Rather than being fluffy-bunny and rosily over-romantic, Ms. Dee is pragmatic and straightforward about sex and relationships. She also includes positive messages about love, trusting your partner, and being safe in regard to both relationships and sex. The relationship between the main characters, Emily and Craig, reminded me of a relationship in my younger days and it makes me wish we’d had some of the discussions they did. Well-written, humorous, and deeply informative, ‘The Recipe’ is a great book for readers of all ages! It also includes recipes for some of the dishes the characters make during the course of the book.


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