Book Review: My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton by: Karen Vorbeck Williams

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Wheatmark

Publish Date: October 15, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: In the 1630s two young girls fresh from England settle with their families in the Connecticut River Valley. There, on the frontier of a terrifying wilderness surrounded by warring natives, they must face the rigors of life among the Puritans -- a people steeped in superstition and piety. Based on the lives of Mary Bliss Parsons and Sarah Lyman Bridgeman and the men they loved, this fictional account of a true story transports us to a land founded on a dream, where life was uncertain, and where fear and jealousy would lead to ruin.

Review: Ms. Williams’ debut novel, ‘My Enemy’s Tears’ easily transports the reader to another place and time. The research which has gone into this tale of tragedy, sacrifice, betrayal, and perseverance is immense and Ms. Williams has laid out the life and fate of one of her own ancestors for the world to read. The characters, their morals, values, and prejudices are all brought to startling life in vivid detail, along with the nature of life in the 1600’s in New England. Mary Bliss Parsons is accused of witchcraft multiple times during her life and brought to trial based on the accusations of a bitter and angry woman, Sarah Bridgeman. I found it interesting to see how people who lived through the same circumstances deal with them in very different ways. ‘My Enemy’s Tears’ is a fascinating story of a society and people gripped by fear of the unknown as they grasped for what lay just beyond their reach. Anyone who loves historical fiction and especially 17th century New England will be enchanted by Ms. Williams’ novel, ‘My Enemy’s Tears’.


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