Book Review: Pleasant Lake P.D. by: Kelly Fitzpatrick

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Medallion Press

Publish Date: September 1, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Medallion Press

Synopsis: Alexandria Moreno, parking enforcement officer for the serene town of Pleasant Lake, has signed on with the FBI to nail a gorgeous suspected criminal, Miguel Diaz, who’s passing himself off as a legitimate businessman. Alex’s assignment is to use her feminine wiles, of which she has few, to infiltrate Diaz’s world and find some evidence for a conviction.

To complicate matters, she’s teamed up with Detective Roman Plow, who is her ex-boyfriend, though the FBI doesn’t know it. As they focus on retaliating for past wrongs, real and imagined, their smoldering love/hate relationship brews. They’re not exactly an ideal team.

With her bumbling nature, a steamer trunk full of emotional baggage, and no investigating skills, Alex spends most of her time reminding herself that the tall, dark, and handsome Miguel Diaz is not her real boyfriend and struggling to keep from falling into his bed. As she tries to dig up dirt on her undercover lover, the steamy investigation leads to a fight for her life. But who is behind the attacks?

Review: Alex Moreno is a meter maid according to some, but her official title is “Parking Enforcement Officer”. She lives and works in the peaceful town of Pleasant Lake, with the same daily routine until the FBI come to town. The FBI wants Alex to team up with her ex-boyfriend Detective Plow and go undercover to help dig up concrete evidence on Miguel Diaz, a suspected human trafficker. As the FBI instructs, she is to use any means necessary to infiltrate his life. What she doesn’t expect is for Diaz to infiltrate her heart. As Alex gets deeper into her relationship with Diaz, she is getting closer to the truth and will be in a fight for her life.

“Pleasant Lake P.D.” is a fun and quirky romantic mystery. I loved the dynamic between Alex and Roman Plow (her ex) – the dialogue, the heat, and the snarkiness. There was extreme sizzle between Alex and Miguel Diaz and it turns into something so beautiful. Both Alex and Miguel have baggage, but they’ll have to work through it as Alex tries to covertly gather evidence on the man she’s starting to fall for fast. However, there are other influences at work and Alex just may not make it through. An entertaining book, “Pleasant Lake P.D.” will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat. 


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