Book Review: Mind Games by: Taylor Keating

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Tor Paranormal Romance

Publish Date: May 24, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Synopsis: River Weston thinks her problems are over. She managed to escape the virtual world of her video game—and the clutches of the Dark Lord who attempted to enslave her—with body and mind intact. But her return to the real world is anything but easy. Framed for monstrous crimes she didn’t commit, and hunted by members of a dark government agency, it is all she can do to stay one step ahead of her pursuers.

Guardian Chase Hawkins gained his freedom from the Dark Lord’s prison, but it came with a heavy price. Trapped in another man’s body, his soul slowly deteriorating, Hawk knows he must return to his world—and his body—before the damage is irreparable.

Racing against time, River and Hawk know that in order to have a future together, they must work to reveal the secrets hidden in River’s past.

Review: ‘Mind Games’ is the direct sequel ‘Game Over’ and picks up right after the events in ‘Game Over’. Hawk is free, but stuck in Nick’s body, River has learned who she truly is, and now they’re on the run from the authorities based on false accusations from someone who wants River desperately – as a lab rat. Now they are discovering Nick had some very unsavory connections and his soul is now trapped with the Dark Lord’s. Nick is also playing dirty pool to try to get his body back from Hawk. Meanwhile, back on the Guardian home planet, Hawk’s friend and researcher is trying to plead the case to keep Hawk in cryo-stasis for a while longer. River’s also desperate, not to clear her name, but to free the trapped souls she felt while in the lab setting in the game. They’re out there in real life and she needs to set them free to find peace. However, her combined Fae and Guardian powers are starting to wreak havoc on her and she needs guidance.

‘Mind Games’ is a story which moves along quickly because the foundation was laid down well in ‘Game Over’ (a must read prior to picking up ‘Mind Games’). The author has written a story full of twists and turns along with unexpected surprises. Also, the forbidden relationship between Hawk and River heats up intensely. Even back in the ‘real world’, Hawk and River are a formidable team. ‘Mind Games’ is well-written and the story flows along seamlessly from ‘Game Over’. Sometimes the first book in a series is excellent and the second book doesn’t live up to the first, but this is not the case here. The author has kept the level of writing just as high as in the first book. I was excited as the author unveiled even more of the truth behind the secrets and lies, the action ramped up, and the book came to a spectacular end which will leave you begging for the next book in this series.

Guardian Series: Game Over (1), Mind Games (2), Fair Game (3)


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