Book Review: Left Hand Magic by: Nancy A. Collins

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Roc

Publish Date: December 6, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Synopsis: Located on Manhattan's Lower East Side, Golgotham has been the city's supernatural neighborhood for centuries. Populated by countless creatures from myth and legend, the neighborhood's most prominent citizens are the Kymera, a race of witches who maintain an uneasy truce with New York City's humans...

Tate Eresby has accepted the unusual sights and sounds of Golgotham and made it her home. Unfortunately, a magazine has alerted trendsetting hipsters to its existence and they've descended upon the community-along with an anti-Kymera faction known as The Sons of Adam. The sudden influx of tourists escalates racial tensions to a boiling point when two Kymerans are murdered and rioting fills the streets.

Review: Tate and Hexe’s relationship has moved forward and she’s happier than ever in Golgotham, even if her parents don’t approve of her choice of boyfriends or address. Resident photog Bartho has had his pictures of Golgotham printed in a big-named magazine and it has brought more tourists and looky-loos to Golgotham. This doesn’t sit well with everyone and when a fight breaks out, the Golgothamites will get the short end of the stick. Now Golgothamites are being attacked and some killed by a ‘pro-human’ group called The Sons of Adam and the residents of Golgotham are planning to rise up and take back their streets. Will Tate and Hexe be able to find out the truth behind the two factions before more people are maimed or murdered?

‘Left Hand Magic’ is a great follow-up novel to ‘Right Hand Magic’, the first novel of Golgotham. Ms. Collins brings the ills of racism (or any other –ism) to the forefront as the Golgothamites and humans are pitted against one another. It’s a sad fact events like those in ‘Left Hand Magic’ still happen in our world. Zealotry and bigotry threaten to tear Tate and Hexe apart before they can discover who is behind this brewing maelstrom. The story flowed well and I was please by how Tate and Hexe were able to weather the pressures against them to maintain their relationship and who they are as individuals. While theirs is an unconventional relationship, it works. I still love Hexe’s familiar and the additional of Beanie, Tate’s new dog. ‘Left Hand Magic’ is an excellent novel and a wonderful addition to Ms. Collins’ bibliography.

Golgotham series: Right Hand Magic (1), Left Hand Magic (2), Magic and Loss (3)


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