Book Review: The House on Mill Street by: Henrietta Smethurst-McIntyre

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: December House

Publish Date: July 3, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Amazon / Kobo

Synopsis: THE HOUSE ON MILL STREET is cursed.

There is madness running through it, infecting the bricks, the beams, the joists. A century’s worth of unlucky inhabitants have fallen prey, one by one, to an ancient evil that lurks high up in the abandoned attic.

But now the house has a new owner, one with plans and schemes and twisted intentions. The unusual Miles is planning a very special afternoon. He is expecting his lady love, and the house is the perfect place for their date.

As the hours unfold, it seems like Miles is good company for the evil that hid upstairs for a hundred years. But are they alone? And are the other rooms as empty as they seem?

The house on Mill Street is cursed...but is it also haunted?

Review: There is something very, very wrong with the house on Mill Street. Everyone knows which one it is…and no one wants to go near it anymore. Until a new owner shows up and starts to put the house back together again, but is he doing so with good intent? Or will he succumb to the curse as all the previous tenants have…?

“The House on Mill Street” is a haunting short story. We are told of Miles, the new owner of the house and his preparations for his best girl’s visit. This is interspersed with snapshots of the house’s dark history of suspicious deaths and whispered voices from the attic. You think Miles is a kind of normal guy until you realize his true intentions and then you realize he fits right in to the house. “The House on Mill Street” is creepy and chilling…don’t read it late at night!


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