Book Review: Birthright by: Willow Cross

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: CreateSpace

Publish Date: April 5, 2012

Origins: From Publicist for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: For one-thousand years, Druid prophecies foretold of a young witch destined to alter the fate of both human and immortal alike. This witch-turned-vampire would be capable of harnessing the supernatural abilities of both and, in a bloody rise to power, would rule with unwavering control.

Unwillingly thrust into a world she never dreamed existed, Liz Markum is catapulted into an ancient war between rival vampire factions. She must choose between those she loves and the ever-present darkness attempting to devour her very soul.

Only one question remains: Will Liz claim her birthright or surrender to the dark gift?

One choice.

One chance.

Two destinies.

Review: Willow Cross’ first book in The Dark Gifts series is ‘Birthright’, which is the story of Liz Markum and her transformation into vampire in the midst of a brewing war. Liz was only meant to by Michael’s food, but after being bitten, she turned. At first Liz is confused and angry, running away into the woods to hide out and ride out the vicious throws of the change. Michael finds her and brings her before the Council, where it is decided she may live, but she has to stay within the confines of the Council’s fortress. A war between vampire factions breaks out, which leads to some difficult decisions being made and difficult truths being revealed. Liz will need to chose between the ever-present darkness and her true birthright…but will she be able to make the right decision?

I enjoyed ‘Birthright’ and read it in one sitting. I found Ms. Cross’ novel to be a refreshing and original vampire tale with female characters who are strong and decisive in their own right. I liked the use of the Roman and Greek mythologies as some of the vampires are old enough to have been the basis of some of the gods from those pantheons. Fierce battles, corruption and deceit, new allies, and powerful prophecies make ‘Birthright’ a complex and interesting story. Ms. Cross has written a vampire story filled with magic, murder, and mayhem which will keep you glued to the pages until the dramatic finish!

The Dark Gifts Series: Birthright (1), Inheritance (2), Afterlife (Dark Gifts Companion)


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