Book Spotlight: The Mystic Diaries: The Whispered Secret (book 1) by: Lilibeth Muscato (Author), Wendy M. (Editor), S. Sagmiller (Photographer)

Publisher: Freedom of Speech Publishing, Inc.

Publish Date: February 7, 2012

Order From:  Amazon / Kindle / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Alexandra is just another ordinary teenager. She has typical High School drama, a close knit group of friends, and a somewhat normal home life. Her close friends and family call her Lexi. Lexi’s favorite hobby is photography. Little did she know photography would lead her down a new path, a path she was searching for but not of this world or time. Lexi finds, with the help of her best friend Dave, the history of their home town holds more than just what is read in books. Her pictures are showing her more than just the scenery. The pictures are hazy, but there is a mystery man smiling back at her when there wasn’t anyone there while taking the photos. She has many questions now and was determined to have them answered. She believed there had to be a logical explanation for the image in the photos and began to investigate. There are too many coincidences that are making her mind’s thoughts collide with each other that she can’t think straight. It’s not until the hidden truths are spoken that she starts to fear for her life. Dave just chalks up the strange occurrences to Mother Nature. With reality coming back into perspective, she must make a decision on her next path in life…college. Lexi is needed to help a friend and her life is in danger but so is Dave’s. Would the loss of her best friend snap her mind back to reality? With only one knowing the truth would that be enough to tear apart her close knit group of friends? Or would that be just enough to tear them apart? With only one friend knowing the truth, her hope seems stronger than ever. Is this a beautiful ending to a great beginning or just the beginning to another cross road on her next path in life?

Excerpt: Ghost Romance Fantasy/Adventure Story.  From a ghost visiting her in dreams, to past coming alive, she must save herself and her friends.

Lexi’s hobby introduces her to a whole new world. Her diary shows secrets that were never meant to be seen. With destiny working against her, will her fate be short lived? For someone who believes, she can’t believe what’s taking place. Will she give in to what’s destined for her? Or will she overcome all odds?

Author Bio: Lilibeth grew up in a smaller town, acknowledging her life was different than most. She grew to know she felt things most of us weren't aware of. Even at a young age, she was aware of the spiritual existence and struggled to comprehend and make meaning of it. At the same time she used it to overcome many of her life struggles and turmoils. With the help of her friends, Lilibeth strives to understand more about her past while living in the present. Lilibeth’s memories have been documented in her diaries and are being shared with everyone, so that we may all benefit from her gained knowledge.


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