Book Review: The Viking's Witch by: Kelli A. Wilkins

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Medallion Press

Publish Date: August 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Medallion Press

Synopsis: Scotland, 803 A.D.

About to be burned at the stake by her fellow villagers, Odaria does what any betrayed witch facing certain death would do. She calls down a curse. Within seconds, rampaging Norsemen raid the village, capturing everyone except her.

But her reprieve is short-lived, and Odaria lands in the clutches of the Norse leader Rothgar. Can she remain true to herself and fight her growing attraction to this domineering man, or will she fall under his influence and be used for his ambitions?

After Rothgar witnesses Odaria’s powers firsthand, he strikes a bargain with her. The raven-haired beauty will use her magical abilities to help him with his quest in exchange for safe passage off the isle. But can this cunning woman be trusted, or is she using him to exact vengeance on her village?

Together they must fight bloodthirsty villagers, battle a mutinous band of Norsemen, find a missing Norse ship, and learn to trust each other . . . before time is up.

Review: Odaria is a Pictish witch, the last in her family’s line of witches. Egged on by Brennan, the village leader, the village has come together to burn Odaria at the stake. Prior to the fire being lit, Odaria sets a curse on the village and it takes effect immediately in the form of Viking raiders. Rothgar, the Viking king’s nephew, is on a mission to find Orvind, his cousin. Rothgar rescues Odaria and they feel a profound connection between them, but the path to potential happiness is long and rocky. Rothgar uses Odaria’s magic and the fear of the villagers to try to ferret out the truth about what happened to Orvind and his men.

I absolutely loved the setting and the characters. I found myself swept away by Ms. Wilkins’ detailed descriptions into the past. Odaria is a sexy and saucy witch, yet very innocent in many ways while Rothgar is a hardened Viking with a heart. I loved the setting and some of the supporting characters as well, such as Nordskag and the other berserkrs. The sex scenes are very steamy and I loved the tension and drama in ‘The Viking’s Witch’. Ms. Wilkins has written a fun escapist romantic fantasy novel.


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