Book Review: Summoning Shadows by: Winter Pennington

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Publish Date: August 14, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: Epiphany has risen in clan status among the Rosso Lussuria vampires. Declared Elder and Inamorata, to raise a hand against her is to raise a hand against Queen Renata herself.

She has taken Iliaria, the Great Siren Dracule, as her lover and ally, wearing Iliaria’s sigil as a sign of their unlikely alliance. While Epiphany bears her mark, Iliaria upholds her oath and hunts one of her own—the traitor Damokles who seeks to destroy the vampire-kind. Yet Damokles is not the only renegade Dracule who wants to see the fall of the Rosso Lussuria. The Draculian society is split in two—those who seek to protect Azrael’s Gift and those who seek to eliminate it.

The Rosso Lussuria face enemies both old and new. Dismantling a reign of impending terror and uniting a clan is not so easily done when those close to you are all too adept at keeping their own council and agendas.

Review: "Summoning Shadows" is the second novel of the Rosso Lussuria Vampire Clan. Iliaria, Epiphany, and Queen Renata are learning the boundaries of their unique relationship, while there is trouble brewing for the clan in the form of revenge from multiple sources. Yet, the plans are even larger - for if some have their way...all vampires may be no more.

The character and world building in the Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novels is incredibly rich and the relationships between the characters are complex and ever-changing. I enjoyed Epiphany's further growth, not only in her relationships with Iliaria and Renata, but in her confidence and control of her empathic powers. There is definitely a lot more danger in "Summoning Shadows", not only for Epiphany, but for all vampires and perhaps some Dracule as well. I still find it very easy to slip into Epiphany's skin and feel as she does. Wickedly sensuous and erotic scenes add to the decadence of this story and are, in fact, integral to who Epiphany is and how she relates to people and sees the world. Ms. Pennington once again captivates your senses and I look forward to reading where this path takes Epiphany,  the women she loves, and the clan she finally calls home. 

Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novel Series: Darkness Embraced (1), Summoning Shadows (2) 

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