Book Review: Haven by: Kay Hooper

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Berkley Hardcover

Publish Date: July 31, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Hardcover

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Synopsis: Emma Rayburn lived a quiet life in the sleepy town of Baron Hollow, North Carolina, until she injured her head in a riding accident. Afterwards, her dreams were full of nameless girls being tortured and murdered, nightmares that didn't seem to have any link with her life...until her estranged sister, Jessie, returned to Baron Hollow. Now an investigator who uses her psychic abilities in her work, Jessie has long been plagued by something that happened to her as a teen girl, before she ran away from Baron Hollow. She's come back to uncover the truth - and to discover the ones responsible for the deed. Could Emma's nightmares be connected to Jessie's quest? But it isn't just the truth at stake - there's an evil that's haunting the present, an evil that has roots in the darkness of the past, and a terrifying violence that neither sister can remember...

Review: Haven is a private organization, separate from the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit, but their work runs parallel and they often work together. All Haven operatives are licensed private investigators and all have a psychic ability. Jessie Rayburn is a Haven operative who has chosen to go back home to finally put her past to rest. She left home, and her sister Emma, 15 years earlier after a traumatic event which she can’t quite remember. Her past is also causing issues with her psychic ability and she’s shut herself down and put up mental walls to help contain the problems. Will Jessie figure out her past or will it come back to consume her and her sister?

While suspenseful and containing the usual suspects (psychics, psychotics, and pure evil), to me “Haven” was lacking in the character department. Jessie and Emma were well-developed, along with Navarro and Nellie, but Bishop seemed to be almost an afterthought. Also, you can’t tell if this is going to be the first book in a trilogy (like the other Bishop/SCU book sets) or a stand alone. Some things were brought to a conclusion, but there were quite a few threads left hanging. Overall, I did enjoy the story, especially because it had been quite some time since I had read any Bishop/SCU novel. I think the storyline and writing will be comfortably familiar to Ms. Hooper’s fans.

Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series: Stealing Shadows (1), Hiding in the Shadows (2), Out of the Shadows (3), Touching Evil (4), Whisper of Evil (5), Sense of Evil (6), Hunting Fear (7), Chill of Fear (8), Sleeping with Fear (9), Blood Dreams (10), Blood Sins (11), Blood Ties (12), Haven (13)


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