Book Spotlight: Amateur Angel by: Karri Thompson

Publisher: Comfort Publishing

Publish Date: May 1, 2012

Order From:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Only 18-years-old, Ashley is no ordinary teenager. Not only is she dead, but upon her death, she mistakenly enters the wrong line in the afterlife, a line meant for trained, guardian angels. With a pair of wings on her back, Ashley is sent to Los Angeles to replace another angel whose "assignment" was none-other-than Cannon Michaels, a current member of the band Sendher, the sexiest man alive, and Ashley's celebrity crush in life.

While exposed to Cannon's selfish, judgmental behavior and his reckless, rock-and-roll lifestyle, Ashley is far from meeting the requirements of a true guardian angel. She misses her family and friends. Will she ever be able to accept her own death? What will she do when she jeopardizes her position as an angel and Cannon's physical safety by falling in love with him? 

Author Bio:  As a first-time author, I cannot express- not even in words- how excited I am about the release of my debut novel, Amateur Angel.  It took a lot of hard work and sleepless nights.  There were many disappointments and rejections along the way, but in the end, my persistence and determination eventually paid off.  In many ways, I think writing a novel is easier than finding an agent to represent it and then a publisher to buy it.  Two years ago, I almost gave up on my dream to become an author, but then my son, Kyle, wrote a special poem for me, and it inspired me to write a new book and try again.  The new book was Amateur Angel.

Here is his poem:
        You fail and you fail,
        You fix and you fix,
        You wait and you wait,
        Until you succeed.

I hung this poem in my closet and read it every day when I was getting ready to go to work and each night before I went to bed.  It is still there and always will be.  I know what I’m about to say will sound like a clich√©, but based on my own personal experience, the best advice I can give anyone is to always believe in your abilities, hold your head high, swallow your pride, accept criticism and then learn from it, and most importantly, never give up.

I grew up in San Diego County and attended San Diego State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in education, and my teaching credential.  I am a high-school English teacher in the East County of San Diego where I also live with my husband, our son, and two dogs.

Being a lover of Victorian literature, my favorite author is Charles Dickens although I haven’t quite finished reading all of his books.  Someday I’ll finally finish David Copperfield- I promise.  If you are one of my students, you are either laughing or shaking your head at this.

I lead a very busy life, but when I’m not teaching, grading papers, or attending my son’s soccer games, I find time to write novels, my greatest passion.

Excerpt: Guzzling straight from the bottle, Cannon threw back his head and pumped his fist. A drop of wine escaped from the corner of his mouth. It rolled down his chin, leaving a purple trail as the crowd’s unyielding roar broke into high-pitched screams and catcalls.

Carl turned to Jeff, strumming his guitar and shaking his head, while Dan tightened his lips and threw up his hands between beats, his sticks still poised in his hands. But Cannon ignored them. Cannon lifted the bottle above his head and shouted into the mike, “Here’s to you, Denver,” before taking another sip. “I was told this would cure my altitude sickness.”

Shoot, I forgot about that. The altitude would actually enhance his drunkenness. Oh, please, don’t drink anymore, Cannon, I begged in a whisper, becoming aware of my heightened emotions.

But he did, of course, to more enticing screams and hooting from the audience. As Carl struck the first note of the next song, Cannon raced to the other side of the stage to join him. Cannon’s vocals remained sound through the first chorus, but by the time the song reached a guitar solo, Cannon’s inhibitions were practically non-existent. Not only was his head twice as big from the howl of the crowd, but his adrenaline was pumping full speed to the beat of the music.

The set included the standard myriad of spot lights fixed above the stage, hanging from metal scaffolding, but this scaffolding extended down both sides of the stage with black, metal ladders plunging down as a backdrop for the stage as well. At the very top and center hung the word “Sendher” in a combination of red bulbs, neon, and a continuous cloud of artificial smoke, creating an atmosphere that was industrial, mechanical, and modern.

I have to admit it was a pretty cool set, very edgy, very hip, but I can also tell you this; it was not designed to be climbed upon.


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