Book Review: The White Glove War by: Katie Crouch and Grady Hendrix

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Poppy

Publish Date: July 3, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Hardcover

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Synopsis: Every society has its secrets.

The members of Savannah's Magnolia League have it all: money, beauty, power, and love. Some may call them lucky, but we know better. Spells, potions, and conjures are a girl's best friends, and thanks to the Buzzards -- a legendary hoodoo family -- the Magnolias never run out of friends.

Golden girl Hayes Anderson would never dream of leaving the League or Savannah, where there's no problem that can't be fixed with a cup of Swamp Brew tea -- served in a bone china cup, of course -- and no boy who can't be won over with a Conjure Up a New Love spell.

But when danger lurks and family secrets are unearthed, Hayes discovers that her life may not be charmed after all.

Don't miss the second novel in Katie Crouch's enchanting and mysterious Magnolia League series.

Review: In Savannah, the Magnolia League holds all the cards…or do they? Alex Lee learned something very disturbing at the end of the first book, “The Magnolia League”, and she made a bargain with Sina (the hoodoo woman) she must keep or forfeit the one she loves most. In order to do this, she’s become the consummate Magnolia; hanging off her grandmother’s every word. Alex has had to grow fast in the world of the Magnolias and she has so many burdensome secrets to bear, not all of which are her own. In “The White Glove War”, the perspective switches between Alex and Hayes, two of the next generation of Magnolias. There are also two chapters which neither of them narrate, but are narrated by two different beings which hold key pieces to the story. “The White Glove War” brings us into the deeper, darker mysteries of Hoodoo and shows why a little knowledge can be harmful. Can Alex and Hayes figure out what is going on between the Magnolia sisters before it’s too late to save anyone?

I enjoyed “The White Glove War” very much as the reader was able to delve deeper into the rules and secrets which govern the Magnolia League. In-fighting, curses, darker uses of hoodoo magic and the spirit world all combine and crash together to create a haunting story. I liked the multiple voices in which the story was told and, for me, it flowed well. I feel the characters truly fit the location and their particular circumstances as Magnolias. I don’t think you should expect women with old Southern roots and who dabbles in hoodoo for youth, money, and power to be sweet and innocent, so I think the characters are written just right for this book. “The White Glove War” really brings home the point about parents wanting better for their children, but the choices made are not always worth the cost. I’m excited to see what happens next for the Magnolias!

Series: The Magnolia League (1), The White Glove War (2)


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