Tin Swift Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY: Chapter 20 of Hang Fire

What is Hang Fire?

HANG FIRE is a steampunk short story set in late 1800's America. It takes place between the Age of Steam book #1, DEAD IRON and book #2 TIN SWIFT. The story is broken into 20 "chapters" and posted, one chapter at a time, on 20 awesome blogs. To read the whole story, start at chapter 1 at http://www.candacesbookblog.com/ and follow the "read the next chapter" links at the end of the post.

...read chapter 19 at: Bookshelf Bombshells www.bookshelfbombshells.com

HANG FIRE - Chapter 20
            Nightfall wasn’t far off, but no matter how long they rode, Cedar had not once caught a glimpse of the rider he knew was following them.
            They set up camp, Wil still inside the wagon, the tent pitched for the women. Bryn and Cadoc, the younger two Madder brothers, had backtracked across the river and dragged back with them the metal contraption that Rose had wandered after. They said they thought it was some kind of mining device, built for digging and running on a track.
            Cedar didn’t point out that the brothers had effectively stole the thing. He’d long ago given up trying to understand the Madders.
            Still, the beast in his bones was restless. His hand kept wandering to the gun at his hip, and he found himself standing too long, and staring too hard at the horizon, blood pumping in his ears, and the sure knowledge that someone was stalking them heavy on his nerves.
            The beast wanted out. Wanted to hunt, wanted to kill if that’s what it took to keep Mae Lindson safe.
            “Mr. Hunt?”
            Cedar startled at Rose Small’s soft voice. She was standing a good distance from him, her shotgun in her hand.
            “Is there something out there we should know about?” she asked. “You’ve been pacing and staring at that crop of trees for over an hour now.”
            Cedar took a calming breath, trying to push the beast’s rage away. He was a scholar, a learned man from the universities back east--not in the wild sciences of metal and steam, but in history, and the gentle arts.
            He would not let the Pawnee curse that had robbed him of so much, take that away from him.
            “Must be something if it's taking you that long to answer,” Rose said with a smile.
            “No,” Cedar put as much ease as he could manage into his tone. “Or at least it’s nothing I can see.”
            “Sometimes it isn’t our eyes that show us the truth of things,” Rose said.
            And before Cedar could answer, he heard the crack of a branch behind him.
            A man strode out of the forest. Hard-ridden, dirty, with eyes as smooth as granite. He had a gun in each hand, and was aiming those guns straight at Mae, who stood no more than a few feet in front of him, staring off at the distance as if she hadn’t yet seen the man.
            But the man had seen her. He glanced at the Madders on the far side of the wagon, glanced at Rose, who was even now lifting her shotgun, and locked gazes with Cedar.
            Cedar was already moving, had been running the instant he heard the branch break.
            In two steps he was in front of Rose’s aim. In four, he was past Mae. In six, he was in front of the man.
            So fast, the man hadn’t had a chance to pull the trigger.
            Cedar slammed a fist into the man’s face, then grabbed his coat and dragged him backward into the trees. A gun went off, maybe Rose’s maybe the man’s. Cedar found he didn’t care.
            There was only one thought left to him. An instinctive need he could no longer quell. To kill. No, to destroy.
            Cedar wrapped his hands around the man’s throat. And let the beast within him free.

...To Be Continued in TIN SWIFT by Devon Monk available on line and in stores July 3, 2012


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3. A copy of TIN SWIFT

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