Saying Goodbye

Dear Readers,

I am now saying goodbye. Don't worry, Star is more than up for taking the reigns of the blog and keeping it fabulous and making it more wonderful than it already is.

I just don't have fun with it anymore. The drama in the blogosphere has got me down and the dynamic of the relationships between authors and bloggers I used to enjoy has changed. I also am currently working full time, in school full time, writing books, and preparing to give birth. I just can't do it all. I have a few commitments I need to honor as far as reviews, and I certainly will. All future review requests need to be sent to Star. 

I won't be gone, I will still be on my Twitter feed, and my new author website is when it goes up and running. I hope you will continue to support Star as you have me and I hope you will read and review my books when they start releasing.

Please, be kind to each other and stop with the drama. There is no need for it when life is so short.


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  1. Good luck with all your future endeavors!!!

  2. I'm so sorry to see you go, Monica. But I also know it was bound to happen with someone after all this crap going on. I still follow you on Twitter so at least it's not a complete goodbye. I wish you luck with work, school, and the remainder of your pregnancy.

  3. Aw! I will miss you! I hope to see your books being published soon though! I keep my head out of the drama and watch from the sidelines, as always. Sorry it got you down and you weren't having fun blogging anymore! That's why I ditched my old blog and combined with a buddy of mine. More fun with two of us. Good luck on your novels!


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