Book Spotlight: The Randon Invasion by: Hunter Thompson

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Publish Date: December 30, 2011

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Synopsis: Randon, a world of incredible beauty and abundant natural resources, has lived in peace for centuries, its people abiding in graceful balance with their planet. Little do they know how their gentle world is about to be disrupted by the arrival of potential invaders from Earth, a group of humans seeking a safe place to settle away from their own dying and resource-depleted planet. But the invaders have much to learn about the Randoni and the remarkable abilities they possess. Jason and Desidera, human twins in search of a safe and good world, see possibilities the rest of the Earth delegation is missing. Together with two of the Randoni youngsters, Fallon and Edon, the twins explore the possibility of deliberately choosing peace, despite the conquering agenda of their ship. The Randon Invasion weaves a wise and thoughtful tale that captivates with adventure and insight. Join Jason, Desidera, Fallon, and Edon for the first book in an exciting new series. 

Excerpt: The drops of rain boomed like cannon shot as Efren’s tiny fur-covered body huddled inside the natural shelter of plants and trees. His sensitive pointed ears perked up as the swish of cloth neared his hiding place. Darkness hid him and his brothers from the intruders, providing a cover nearly impenetrable. Their very lives depended on invisibility. The pointed blue-green ferns acted as lookout as well. Their leaves, bending with the passage of the enemy, seen by the keen vision of the natives were tell-tale signs.

The rock in front of him shielded Zaran from those hideous dark eyes that sought him and his kind. The tiny sparkles of light from the stars reflected on the opaque surface of the monster shells. The laser weapons had a dull sheen as they swung back and forth in search of one of the little people. Even though the searchers used night vision the Randoni remained hidden. Their ability to camouflage themselves in spite of their light-colored fur allowed them to spy on the invaders with small risk of detection.

Little did Efren and his brothers know that their deaths were not what was being sought. Capture, a fate worse than extinction, awaited the unwary. They were the last of their kind and were being hunted for their powers. Too quickly had the humans eliminated most of the Randoni shortly after they landed on the planet, well before they knew about the powers the little people possessed, powers that could call down the wrath of the god of this planet or make it a lush paradise. The human reliance on technology blinded them to the possibilities of attunement with the environment on such a scale. 

Author Bio: Hunter Thompson has been an avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan since the 1960’s. Star Trek and The Twilight Zone are among his major literary and philosophical influences. He also has two daughters and two sons who have taught him about the worlds found in video games. Hunter loves reading, writing, and martial arts; he is a third-degree black belt in ninjitsu. Hunter lives in Maryland, where he is a professional acupuncturist. He is currently working on the second Randon novel. 


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