Book Review: The Mamacita Murders by: Debra Mares

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Justicia House

Publish Date: January 29, 2012

Origins: From Publicist for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: When Laura, a seventeen year old key witness goes missing during trial, Assistant Prosecutor Gaby Ruiz is called to action. Ruiz investigates the sexual assault on Laura, who is left for dead in a motel in a drug- and gang-ridden community. Did Clown, Laura’s boyfriend, try to kill her when she tried to leave the Lincoln Gang’s prostitution ring or - did a random assailant ransack Laura’s room and assault her or - or did law enforcement try to kill Laura to protect one of their own?  The investigation twists from the backwoods in Tuckford County to the back rooms of law enforcement buildings all the way to the Walled City.

Gabriela Ruiz is a sex crimes prosecutor in Tuckford County and runs The Mamacita Club, a community outreach effort from her chrome Vintage Airstream motorhome. She travels with her girlfriends around the county to reach at-risk women. Women affected by drugs, gang and domestic violence, sex crimes, and broken homes--they're all in The Mamacita Club. Gaby has spent all of her professional life seeking justice for others. But it is not until Laura goes missing, that Gaby is able to start searching for justice for herself and begin to fix her own guilt-ridden past for not protecting her mom from an abusive relationship--this time to save her own life and seek closure over her own mother’s death.

Review: Gaby Ruiz, once the witness to a horrific crime, is now an assistant prosecutor, talks to angels, and is a founding member of The Mamacita Club. The Mamacita Club is an outreach program to young troubled girls to help them get away from dangerous situations using different pin-up girls as inspiration and life lessons. One girl, Laura, who was not part of The Mamacita Club, but was going to testify against her abusive step-father, is someone who Gaby was desperately trying to help. Laura goes missing the morning she is supposed to give her testimony. Gaby and Investigator Dylan Mack find Laura in a seedy motel room almost dead. Now the search is on for her attacker and the true reason behind the attack. Can Gaby, with help from her angels and friends, and Dylan find out the truth before it’s too late?

I enjoyed Ms. Mares’ writing style and the characters she created. Gaby should be huge inspiration to women everywhere – not only as a survivor of and witness to the murder of her mother, but as a prosecutor and someone who does everything in her power to give young women the tools to break the cycle of abuse, drugs, and prostitution. She is a strong and caring advocate for women and a diligent investigator, with a heart of gold. While investigating this case, Gaby also discovers many truths about herself. I would love to learn more, in the future Gaby Ruiz books, about how she came to be in contact with her angels and cultivated a strong relationship with them. Ms. Mares has written an impressive first novel, which keeps you guessing until the very end.


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