Book Review: Deliciously Sinful by: Lilli Feisty

Deliciously Sinful
My Rating: 1 of 5 Ravens

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publish Date: 1 December 2011

Synopsis: Things are cooking in the kitchen...and the bedroom.

Restaurant owner Phoebe Mayle thought she had it all under control. Sure, her new chef has a bad-boy reputation - and a chiseled body to match - but she's positive she can whip him into shape.

But from the moment Nick Avalon roars into town in his Hummer, he makes her whole world sizzle. Now Phoebe has lost control of her kitchen, and Nick has taken over her mind and her body. His insatiable appetite for pleasure leaves her breathless with carnal cravings only he can satisfy. Yet can their hunger for each other be a recipe for a love that lasts?

Review: This book was sadly a DNF. I gave it a long run too. I think that was over the top, she was just unbelievable to me. Nick was also over the top. They each had strong personalities but they just...were too much for me. The sensual scenes in this book were SMOKING HOT! I will say that. VERY VERY VERY HOT!

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