Book Review: The Body in the Boudoir by: Katherine Hall Page

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: William Morrow

Publish Date: May 1, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Hardcover

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Synopsis: It's 1990, and Faith Sibley is a single young woman leading a glamorous life in New York City. She has good friends, a cozy apartment, and her own flourishing catering business, Have Faith. Then, at a catering event, she meets the handsome, charming Reverend Thomas Fairchild. A daughter and granddaughter of clergymen, Faith has sworn to avoid a parish's fishbowl existence. But it's love at first sight, and before she knows it her life is changing drastically.

To begin with, she's beckoned north to chilly New England to visit her future residence and prospective in-laws, not all of whom welcome her with open arms. Thankfully, back home she has her adoring great-uncle Sky to rely on, even if his much younger wife has always struck Faith as slightly odd. For the ceremony Uncle Sky has offered up the use of his mansion on Long Island, which would be the perfect location if only the brickwork wasn't suspiciously falling off the roof.

Her path to the altar is made even rockier when Faith faces two other baffling mysteries. Her new assistant, Francesca, appears to be hiding a family secret with roots in Italy. Then Faith's sister, Hope, becomes a target. Who could be plotting to derail her high-stakes financial career?

In spite of being overwhelmed by her decision to leave her home in the Big Apple and the multitude of tasks involved in getting married, Faith has no doubts about being married to her beloved Tom. But someone out there is dead set on making sure that she doesn't reach the altar. Before it's too late, she needs to figure out who is trying to sabotage the wedding—by eliminating the bride!

Review: Over the years, I’ve sporadically read Ms. Page’s Faith Fairchild series. In The Body in the Boudoir, we start out at the Fairchilds’ anniversary and 2nd honeymoon. On the flight to Italy, Faith goes back and remembers 1990 – when she, Faith Sibley, met Tom Fairchild, their whirlwind romance, and the three mysteries which were occurring at the same time. The Body in the Boudoir gives readers a beautiful look back into Faith’s world. The Body in the Boudoir’s flashback to 1990 could help new readers to the Faith Fairchild series learn how everything started and give seasoned readers a new appreciation. I thought the story flowed well and I loved the beautiful descriptions and outrageous characters. The Body in the Boudoir is a very fun and engaging mystery!

Faith Fairchild Series: The Body in the Belfry (1), The Body in the Kelp (2), The Body in the Bouillon (3), The Body in the Vestibule (4), The Body in the Cast (5), The Body in the Basement (6), The Body in the Bog (7), The Body in the Fjord (8), The Body in the Bookcase (9), The Body in the Big Apple (10), The Body in the Moonlight (11), The Body in the Bonfire (12), The Body in the Lighthouse (13), The Body in the Attic (14), The Body in the Snowdrift (15), The Body in the Ivy (16), The Body in the Gallery (17), The Body in the Sleigh (18), The Body in the Gazebo (19), The Body in the Boudoir (20)


  1. I really like this series and this one sounds great. Thanks for the wonderful review.


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