Book Review: Beautiful Sacrifice by: Elizabeth Lowell

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: William Morrow

Publish Date: May 22, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Hardcover

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Synopsis: Archaeologist Lina Taylor has devoted her life to studying ancient Mayan artifacts, splitting her time between digs in South America and the classroom teaching college students. But the professor’s structured, studious life is about to spin out of control. Some extremely valuable and important Mayan artifacts have gone missing. Is it fanatics determined to create chaos and usher in annihilation?

Helping out a friend, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer Hunter Johnson is determined to recover the missing pieces and he needs Lina’s help. A man used to calling the shots and working alone, he isn’t comfortable letting anyone get close, especially a beautiful and brainy woman like Lina. His gift for reading people tells him there’s a lot going on below that professional exterior, and he’s more than a little curious to probe her depths. Burying herself in her work, Lina’s had little experience handling men, especially one as fascinating and exasperating as the secretive, headstrong Hunter. A devoted archaeologist, she has the skill to excavate those protective layers all the way to his core.

But finding the missing pieces is only the beginning of a mystery that will plunge these unlikely partners into adventure, romance, and danger more thrilling, sensual, and deadly than either of them knows . . .

Review: Beautiful Sacrifice takes the story of the 2012 Maya prophecy to new heights. Dr. Lina Taylor is descended from the Maya and Spanish who conquered them. She is the daughter of two very strong and complicated people and the current heir to the Reyes Balam lands in South America. She has studied the Maya on digs with her archeologist father and now teaches about the complex culture. When Hunter Johnson, former ICE agent and a sometimes student comes to her with photographs of stolen artifacts, she is drawn quickly into the hunt and into the treachery and fanaticism of those who worship the ancient Maya god Kawa’il, whose nature and rituals are shrouded in mystery. Bodies pile up as the blood of sacrifice rains down because a power-hungry entity known as ‘El Maya’ wants to usher in a new world order – with the Maya as victorious this time. Plot twists and heart-stopping action entwined with a developing relationship are masterfully rendered by Ms. Lowell’s hand. While sometimes surreal, each discovery and person fits seamlessly into the story giving it a real-life feel as we come inevitably closer to December 21, 2012 and its myriad possibilities. 


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