Book Review: The Tiger's Eye by: Gladys Swan


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Publish Date:
July 11, 2011

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The stories in this book have been selected from the six previous collections of short fiction, as well as from recent work, Gladys Swan has published in that genre over the past four decades. Although she also has published novels, poetry, and essays, she finds that she cannot do without the short story-"it is such a beautiful form. I love the challenges it presents in dealing with characters and situations that light upon the cusp of the moment and which must be handled with an eye to economy and unity of effect." 

Review: The Tiger’s Eye contains previously and newly published short stories by Ms. Swan. The stories capture the inner and outer lives of the characters with grace and precision.  Not all of the stories are ‘comfortable’ for the average reader nor are they all neatly resolved, but that’s real life. The characters are not always ones the reader can easily feel either sympathy or empathy for, but this aspect make the stories even more powerful. Detailed and showcasing a talent developed over decades, The Tiger’s Eye is a collection of stories to make you think and view things from a very different perspective.


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