Book Review: The Substitute by: Holly Barrington

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Published by Author

Publish Date: May 2012

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: “The Substitute" is set in an alternate Britain, where Vampires and Mortals co-exist more or less in harmony. However, that may soon be about to change...

Emily Brown starts her new job at Pathway Software, and at first everything goes well. She makes new friends there and her bosses are impressed so things are really looking up for Emily. Until her friend is killed. Murdered. The official account said it was a gang hit gone bad, and rumours suggest she had drugs in her possession.

However another, unofficial, report suggests that the bullet wounds were all post-mortem, and the drugs were planted on her in the morgue. It also says that she suffered multiple broken bones, cuts, contusions and...vampire bites. Everything suggests that her friend died a brutal and vicious death at the hands of a number of vampires.

Vampire and Mortal relations are, on the whole, very good. Ever since The Compact, there have been eighty five years of unprecedented peace between the two worlds. But there are some dissenters, the foremost of which are the sinister Circle of Ixiom. And Emily is about to become their bitterest enemy... 

Review: Set in Britain, The Substitute is an interesting alternate history novel where the Vampire and Mortal worlds have merged and the inhabitants live side by side in peace. Yet there are certain factions who want to see the Vampires at the top of the heap, not held in check by the Compact, which has kept the peace for almost a century. All that might change very soon. Emily Brown was recruited for Pathway Software (a Vampire run company) and if she works out, she may be recruited for much more - which is exactly what she's hoping for. The Substitute is a chilling spy vs. spy tale which will have you hurriedly turning pages to find out what is going to happen next! I enjoyed the characters, the plot, and all the action - I believe Ms. Barrington has a great career in front of her!

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