Book Review: More Like Her by: Liza Palmer


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April 17, 2012

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What really goes on behind those perfect white picket fences?

In Frances's mind, beautiful, successful, ecstatically married Emma Dunham is the height of female perfection. Frances, recently dumped with spectacular drama by her boyfriend, aspires to be just like Emma. So do her close friends and fellow teachers, Lisa and Jill. But Lisa's too career-focused to find time for a family. And Jill's recent unexpected pregnancy could have devastating consequences for her less-than-perfect marriage.

Yet sometimes the golden dream you fervently wish for turns out to be not at all what it seems--like Emma's enviable suburban postcard life, which is about to be brutally cut short by a perfect husband turned killer. And in the shocking aftermath, three devastated friends are going to have to come to terms with their own secrets . . . and somehow learn to move forward after their dream is exposed as a lie.

Review: "Not everything that glitters is gold." This is readily apparent in More Like Her. Emma Dunham is everyone's dream - men want her and women want to be her. Yet what lies beneath the calm surface is something no one expected. When Emma's abusive husband murders her in front of a number of people, they must not only deal with the trauma and survivor's guilt. They must look inside themselves for the truths of their own secrets. While the 3 friends, Frances, Lisa, and Jill are dealing with shock and horror, they make some interesting revelations of their own. Can their secrets become a source of strength instead of the weaknesses they perceive them to be? I was easily drawn into the world Ms. Palmer created. At first it seemed like a fluffy chick-lit novel, but then you are totally gobsmacked by the turn events take. I felt it spoke eloquently to the horror which can hide beneath the most carefully constructed facade. You will laugh, you will definitely cry, and you just might be persuaded to share a secret or two...

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