Book Review: heartbeats by: Susan Rae

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publish Date: April 26, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Amazon / Musa Publishing

Synopsis: Love makes your pulse race, but passion can kill...

murder, passion, suspense…

Dr. Elizabeth Iverson’s career is on track.  She’s just landed the enviable position as lead cardiologist at a prestigious Chicago heartcare center working under a renowned cardiovascular surgeon.  But her plans for a quiet, controlled life are shattered when she discovers her college roommate murdered in her apartment.  When her former lover, FBI Special Agent Drake McGuire, shows up on her doorstep with the cops, he unleashes a storm in her heart that further threatens to destroy her world, especially when he insists on hanging around to help solve the case when it becomes apparent that Elizabeth was the intended target for murder!

Review: Dr. Elizabeth Iverson and Agent Drake McGuire collide again when Elizabeth's best friend, Julie, was murdered in the apartment they were sharing as Julie was working on her 3rd divorce.Thankfully Elizabeth's daughter, Allison, wasn't home. Soon Elizabeth and Drake realize that Julie was never the target - Elizabeth is the focus of a murderous and psychotic rage. Now it's up to Drake, Elizabeth, and the local cops to figure out who is after her before it's too late and Elizabeth loses everything she loves - including her life.

Thrilling and steamy, heartbeats will grab you from the first word! Blending murder mystery, police procedural, and second-chance romance, Ms. Rae has written a novel which will have you rooting for Elizabeth and Drake and guessing at the evil behind the threats on their lives.


  1. This book sounds like a Must Read. Great review!

  2. Great review. Succinct but hits on all the important parts.

  3. Definitely sounds like a good read. Great review =D

    Maura @ Monster of Books

  4. Great review for a great book! Congrats!

  5. Great review! I enjoyed reading very much! A must read!


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