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January 19, 2012

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StreetCreds is a look inside the world of street gangs and the cops that work them. I had worked the street for many years before I entered the Gang Task Force. I entered it with an idea that I could rise to the level of violence of any banger I encountered, a really stupid idea. I wanted to “earn back” the respect of the citizens for the police. I left the unit 2 years later severely broken, edgy and dangerously damaged. StreetCreds is the story of how all that came to be.

Review: StreetCreds: Commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments. 

Welcome back to the life of Zach Fortier, first seen in CurbChek! StreetCreds is a more in depth look at Zach's time in the Gang Task Force. Pulling no punches, Mr. Fortier tells it raw and uncensored - as it truly happened. At times scary and at times heart-wrenching, StreetCreds will definitely make it's mark on your mind and heart. It's amazing to me to read about all of the b.s. cops have to deal with - not only on the streets, but in their own units. It seems to me the thin blue line is only in effect at certain times and not for everyone. StreetCreds is amazing and eye-opening! 

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