Book Review: A Man Worth Fighting For by: Sara Daniel

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publish Date: March 21, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Amazon / Musa Publishing

Synopsis: Shot by a member of his military team, Justin Lawson retreats to the Wiccan Haus. Holly Walters refuses to accept her boyfriend's out-of-the-blue rejection without an explanation, even if getting the answers forces her to be trapped on a bizarre island for an entire week. She's going to use every minute to work Justin out of her system once and for all. Justin's body and spirit begin to heal under Holly's loving ministrations. As she talks about never seeing each other again, he realizes he never wants to let her go. But the rogue assassin who had gone after Justin before is after him again. Before he can fight to make Holly believe in their love, he'll have to fight for both their lives.

Review: Justin Lawson is a military man who fights against rogue and dangerous Paras. When he's shot by "friendly" fire, his knee is shattered and he goes off to the Wiccan Haus for rest, relaxation, and healing. 72 hours after being shot and his military career destroyed, he breaks up with his girlfriend Holly via text. How crass!! Holly's not going to take that lying down - she finds out where he is and goes there to confront him. But can she accept the truth of Paras and of Justin's love?

The Wiccan Haus series is becoming a favorite of mine! A Man Worth Fighting For is the 2nd book in the Wiccan Haus series and flows seamlessly from the first. The new characters are compelling and you learn a little more about the Wiccan Haus workers, too. Exciting and fast-paced, this story is a winner! I hope the future Wiccan Haus books go more into detail about the types of Paras.

Wiccan Haus Series: Shifting Hearts (1), A Man Worth Fighting For (2)



  1. Yay. Thanks for the review. I have read Shifting Hearts, but have not had the chance to read this one yet.

  2. Love this series so much! Great review of a great book!

  3. Winner of a review! I like the balance of power between protagonist and her target; Neither one quite has the upper hand, but both must face their fears. Well done.


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