Book Review: The Kingdom of the Edge of Reality by: Gahan Hanmer


Two Harbors Press

Publish Date:
April 2, 2012

From Publisher for Review


Sometimes it's funny how fast things can change, and sometimes it's not...

Welcome to Albert Keane's beautifully designed medieval kingdom nestled in a completely isolated river valley in the Canadian wilderness. Peaceful, happy, and prosperous, it takes nothing from the modern world, not so much as a single clock.

There is a castle, of course, and a monastery. There is even a pitch dark, rat-infested dungeon - because you simply have to have one if you are trying to rule a feudal kingdom!

Farmers work the land, artisans ply their trades, monks keep school and visit the sick, and nobody (well, almost nobody) misses the modern world at all.

So why has Jack Darcey - actor, wanderer, ex-competitive fencer - been tricked and seduced into paying a visit? And why hasn't anyone told him that the only way to leave is a perilous trek across hundreds of miles of trackless wilderness without a compass or a map?

Because a tide of fear and violence is rising from the twisted ambitions of one of King Albert's nobles, and Albert's fortune teller believes that Jack could turn the tide - if he lives long enough ...  

Review: The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality is a captivating step back into the medieval world. An old school friend of Jack Darcey's has contacted him and told him of a fantastical place - a kingdom set far from the modern world. Albert invites Jack to enter the kingdom, but it isn't until much later when Jack realizes Albert had an ulterior motive for his invitation.

I enjoyed The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality. I thought it strongly showed how interdependent we are on the people around us and how that connectedness isn't a bad thing. We spend so much time "alone" in the world, we don't often stop and look around at the people closest to us. Full of intrigue, sword fights, humor, and showcasing the strength of many against the one, this novel is a great read for fantasy lovers!

Gahan Hanmer Bio: Gahan Hanmer enjoyed a colorful career in the theater as actor, director, designer and technician, and also wandered extensively searching for love, happiness and truth. He unintentionally became a grown-up raising two beloved daughters and now lives in the high chaparral desert of California.


  1. This looks like a really interesting book - thanks for the review!

  2. Star, you're right - we do get caught up in an individualistic world. It's good that books like Gahan's bring us back to a sense of community. Thanks for the review.


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