Book Review: It's Our Prom (So Deal With It) by: Julie Anne Peters


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April 24, 2012 

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When Azure's principal gives her the chance to turn the school's traditional (and boring) senior prom into an event that will appeal to everyone, not just the jocks and cheerleaders, she jumps at the opportunity. Soon Azure manages to convince her best friends, Luke and Radhika, to join the prom committee as well.

Facing heavy opposition and admittedly clueless about prom logistics, the three friends are nonetheless determined to succeed -- if Luke's and Azure's secret crushes on Radhika don't push the committee members, and their friendships, to the breaking point first.

Told in two voices and filled with comical missed connections, It's Our Prom (So Deal With It) explores the ups and downs of planning an alternative prom -- while dealing with an unrequited crush on your best friend -- and shines with National Book Award finalist Julie Anne Peters's unmistakable wit and insight.

Review: Azure, Luke, and Radhika have been best friends for a very long time. Yet it seems as if senior year is the year everything starts to change. Azure is in love with Radhika, Luke's in love with Radhika, and Radhika just wants to get away from her parents' rules. It's Our Prom is told from both Azure and Luke's perspectives. Now Azure's been asked to join the prom committee (prom com) to plan an alternative prom - a more inclusive prom. Azure drags Luke and Radhika into the prom com and things start to go downhill. Can the friends remain friends and salvage the prom?

It's Our Prom wasn't my favorite Julie Anne Peters novel. I felt the main characters were overly selfish and self-centered. Teenagers can be both of those, but this seemed over the top. They were consumed with their preconceived notions and judgments of others. This is even though they were trying to be "inclusive" with the alternative prom. I did like the fact that by the end of the book, the characters learned they people aren't always so different from themselves.

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