Book Review: Dollars and Uncommon Sense by: Steve Repa

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Synopsis: Most people use common sense when they make decisions about their money. Most people also live paycheck to paycheck, have sleepless nights worrying about debt, and are not saving enough. In DOLLARS AND UNCOMMON SENSE former US Army Sergeant and Certified Financial Planner, Steve Repak outlines a strategy to change your misguided common sense ideas about savings and learn to think like a true builder of wealth. Steve served 12 years in the Army, racking up $32,000 in debt while he was there. He then drew on his military experience and put his own finances through boot camp. Not only did he get out of debt, but Steve Repak went on to help others do the same. Repak serves as your drill sergeant for your fiscal transformation in this ground breaking new book to show you why-and how-to use uncommon sense to get back on track.

Review: I chose to read and review this book since I recently came into a windfall an I wanted to make sure I used the money wisely. This book was helpful, I read it straight through like it suggests and it actually helped me a lot.

It also has a super handy list of references and websites you can go to take care of your finances. I also like the way the author sees money. He isn't about coming a multi-billionaire (well you can) he is about giving back and sharing what you have in order to get more out of it.

Will definitely recommend.

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