Bloggiesta Finish Line

Well, I didn't do as well as I wanted too but here is what I got done and didn't. I'll be working over the next week to try and finish all this other stuff. :0 Hope you did good on your list!

1. Catch up on reviews and get them posted to the blog (I'm only line 5 behind now)
2. Update Author and Title lists.
3. Update book icons on main screen.
4. Check/clean labels, if need be.
5. Add links to Pintrest, other social media outlets for each post.
6. Find a new feed reader, Google has made me angry. (if you have a suggestion let me know)
7. Update contact lists in my email.
8. Email some review links.
9. Make comments become threaded.
10. Double check reviews are all on Goodreads.
11. Go through feeds and update the ones I follow or don't.
12. Update follows and cross follow on goodreads/twitter/feeds.
13. Fix copywrite in signature.
14. Create giveaway template and policies.
15. Update Netgalley/Edelweiss and load ereader.
16. Comment on five Bloggiesta participating blogs every hour I work on my blog.
17. Change Blogger icon.
18. FTC disclosure in policies
19. SEO.

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  1. You still managed to get a lot done even though you didn't finish everything. I didn't finish everything on my list either, but am still pretty satisfied with what I got done. I feel that I am forever behind on reviews - and no sooner do I catch up than I get behind again. I can't ever seem to stay ahead.

    I've been working on my list this week, as well as visiting everyone's finish post to see what else I should add to that list.


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