BEA2012 Series: Etiquette

I decided to do some posts about BEA in preparation for the upcoming event in June. I attended last in 2010, alas because I was stuck in Korea I couldn't go this previous year. But, the one thing that drove me nuts while I was there was how people treated each other, the publishers, and how everyone acted. Don't get me wrong, everyone wasn't horrible but there were a few that made the rest of us book bloggers look bad.

1. Lines: They are there for a reason, so everyone can have a nice orderly way of getting a book or whatever is being offered. If you want to stand with your friend get in line with them, don't have them hold you a spot, that is not fair for the 500 people behind your friend, what if there are only 499 items left? That last person who waited in line just missed out because you cut. (Sorry this was my biggest pet peeve)

2. Courtesy: Someone drops something in your path don't give them a mean look like they stepped on your shoe, help them, common courtesy. You want to me seen as a competent professional individual, right? Common courtesy.

3. Take Your Time: Don't run through the expo hall because you heard that Gerard Butler was in the back taking off his shirt, calmly walk to the back to oogle. Running around, bags hitting people, flapping books off tables is not the image of a professional.

4. Donate: Contrary to popular belief the author signings aren't just "free" they are there for donations. There are donation boxes on the front of each line, throw in a a dollar or two for each book you get, totally worth it!

5. Authors: You will see them wandering the floors, they like books too. Don't run up to them screaming like a crazy person, if you do see one and you are squeeing inside your head it's ok to walk up to them and calmly shake their hand. I met Maria V. Snyder on the floor when I was there last, it was awesome.

6. Lines AGAIN: Ok when you have to wait in line there are fifty people behind you, this is not the time to chat up the publishers or authors any more than a polite greeting. People are waiting. On this same note don't dash up and yank a book a run.

7. Speaking of Books: I saw this a lot: If there are limited number of books, it's ok to get one but don't take 5 so you gave away 4 of them on your blog, that means 4 people are going to miss out on this book they may have been dreaming of because you took a ton. Goes back to courtesy. 

8. Have fun...I'm not telling you to button your buttons and walk around with a stick up your butt, just remember our "book bloggers" attendance, however influential we may be, can easily be revoked and we can easily create a bad image for every other book blogger in a publishers's mind. Have fun but be professional.

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  1. I heard quite a bit about bad blogger behaviour last year.. I'm attending the London Book Fair for the first time in a few weeks, I wonder if it attracts the same kind of people

  2. I hope not and I hope this BEA is not the same. If so, then I think it's just better not to associate with those people.

  3. Monica we have so many of the same pet peeves. LOL I am hoping this year will be different but won't be surprised if its not. Sadly I think alot of these people feel intitlement and that is just wrong. I think we should take it as a privilage to be allowed to attend.

    I ended up unfollowing a few bloggers after what I saw in 2010 because of bad behavior.

    Hope to see you around BEA this year :)


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