Guest Post - Timothy B. Sagges, author of Best Seller

est Seller Book Summary: Thirty-five year old fiction writer, Richard Rossi would do just about anything to get his manuscript published. However, months of rejection and unanswered prayers have strained his capacity to hope. Alone in New York City, he teeters on the brink of alcoholism, as his hope erodes into desperation.

His prayers are finally answered when a simple misdirected piece of mail spawns a chance encounter with an extraordinary man, Seth Volos, Publisher. And while their unholy alliance thrusts Richard to the top of every Best Seller list in America, the horrifying outcome for the book's legions of fans is anything but a happy ending.

Guest Post: How the author's own journey to get published influenced the creation of this book...

This is a tough topic for me to talk about. I never actually had a journey into the publishing world prior to the completion of BEST SELLER. In fact, I'm sure there are those within the publishing community that will find inconsistencies, such as our main character bypassing the entire world of the literary agent. But it wasn't my intention to write a detailed essay on the publishing business. I simply wanted to tell a story about how hope, the supernatural and bad decisions can change the lives of everyday people and the world.

Had I known, prior to undertaking the act of writing, that obstacles such as query letters, editors, unscrupulous vanity houses and the like, were part of selling a book, I might have written more about the actual underbelly of the industry. I also might have hired a public relations guru, maybe whoever the Kardashians use, to shove my story down the throats of America. What I did instead was plot, write, shelf, re-read, re-write, edit, shelf again and re-read two years later until I found myself saying, "Son of a bitch! This is pretty good!" And as a writer, to hear myself say those words out loud is plenty.

Don't get me wrong, I would be lying if I said I didn't care if I ever sold another book. In fact, I will do just about anything to promote BEST SELLER. But like the majority of writers, I want to write. That is what I am good at. That is what I enjoy. If I had the time, writing would be all I would do. I certainly have enough material to last five lifetimes.


Author Bio: Fifty-year-old actor, director and playwright, Tim Sagges has been tormented by a series of recurring night terrors since 1967, long before there was a name for such a curse. It is only recently that he has found the courage to formulate some of these visions into works of literature. In an effort to purge himself of the unrelenting horror of his dreams, he has created Best Seller, the first in a series of nightmares exorcised from his mind and onto the page.

He is currently the owner of Eye Candy Vision in Philadelphia.


  1. Thanks Star for hosting Tim today. He's right, who do those Kardashians use for PR? :)

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