Book Review: Shadow's Edge by: Maureen Lipinski



Publish Date:
January 8, 2012

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A new series shimmering with danger, romance, and otherworldly magic

Sixteen-year-old Leah Spencer didn't mind being a natural-born Shaman to the Créatúir. Until she broke Rule #1 and traveled to the Other Realm, where she quickly lost time. Like, a whole year of time. She missed out on everything—holidays, school, her sixteenth birthday, the boyfriend who ditched her. So Leah swore to leave all things magical behind her and lead the life of a normal high school girl.

But when a mysterious dark force starts offing the Créatúir, both Light and Dark, Leah must choose between her new life and "getting all CSI" on the Other Realm murder spree. With the help of her three sisters (each with their own magical gift), and three gorgeous guys—who may or may not be part of the evil magic—Leah must vanquish an ancient dark force that is connected to her family in unimaginable ways.

Review: After Leah Spencer spent a year in the Other Realm when she thought it was only a few days, she wants nothing to do with being the Créatúir Shaman anymore. She gives up the title and it passes along to the next in line. She just wants to be normal, although it's difficult with her family. Her family moves to the town her dad grew up in where football is king and people like Leah's family are considered freaks. Leah does her best to fit in, becoming the girlfriend of the quarterback and friends with the cheerleaders, but there is something amiss. The Créatúir contact Leah for help because something evil is happening and the Créatúir are dying. Leah must make a decision - keep her normal life or save the Créatúir...

I enjoyed the creative mythos Ms. Lipinski introduced in Shadow's Edge. Leah's family was entertaining in their relationship with each other and outsiders. I liked the plot and most of the characters - you definitely knew who to root for! I especially loved how Leah was able to come to the decision which let her keep parts of her normal life while still fulfilling the duties as Créatúir Shaman. The Créatúir themselves were complex and definitely 3-dimensional. I enjoyed Leah's adventure in Shadow's Edge and look forward to reading more about her, her family, and the Créatúir.

Series: Shadow's Edge (1)


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