Book Review: Pale Moonlight (7 Post Meridiem #1) by: István Szabó, Ifj.


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Publish Date:
November 30, 2011

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December 1936, New York. Detective Jack Kelly bravely faces harsh daily life to always emerge victorious, but every evening as the clock chimes seven, he prepares for the battle he has always lost.

Review: Pale Moonlight is a 28-page (on my Nook) novella starring not-so-special Agent Jack Kelly. He's undercover on a mission from J. Edgar himself, or Skirty Hoovie as Jack called him. He has a boring everyday life for his cover; however every night at 7:30pm he longs to see if the Blondie Express will ever stop at his station. He obsesses over this to no end and even knowing it's futile, he'll keep going back at the same time every night...

Pale Moonlight is an interesting take on rebellion, monotony, and obsession. Sent on an undercover mission after dissing the head of the FBI, Jack Kelly has found something worth living for - the Blondie Express which passes by him at 7:30pm every night. He'd love to take a ride on that train, but I think he realizes he loves the illusion more to ever shatter it by interacting. A neat noir piece, Pale Moonlight is as captivating as the Blondie Express.

7 Post Meridiem Series: Pale Moonlight (1)


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