Book Review: The Godless: Mystery of the World by: Suren Fant



Publish Date:
November 7, 2011

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Centuries ago, when Earth was not under the control of God, it was controlled by a cruel and heartless creature, called Neuron. Coming to our planet, God saw, how Neuron treated as his subordinates. God and Satan decided to take to hands the authority on Earth. It was very difficult mission. God and Satan adapted all the people and their feelings.

In XXI century a young man from a wealthy family found new potentials, that ancestors of humanity and Neuron had. It becomes to him what had happened centuries ago and behind it hunting of angels has begun.

Review: I was very intrigued by the premise of this story, but I wasn't able to get into it enough to finish it. I felt The Godless lost quite a lot in translation. The structure felt somewhat choppy and surreal, without something the reader could grasp onto for a connection. Perhaps some polishing for readers whose primary language is English in the future would do this book a great service. I wish the author much luck with all their current and future endeavors.


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