Book Review: Casting Shadows by: J. Kelley Anderson


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Publish Date:
January 31, 2012

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Edward Kelley wants to destroy the world. His family is dead and his odd habits have made him a pariah in the small town of Hurst, Ohio. After the unexpected arrival of an anonymous package, Edward quickly discovers the tools to forge his malevolent fantasies into reality. Yet, he soon finds that he is not the villain of his own story and, with the help of a surrogate grandmother, an undead servant, and a foul-mouthed cop, he is fast on the road to becoming an unlikely hero. Casting Shadows is a quirky amalgamation of Contemporary Fantasy and Magical Realism, with a sprinkling of Classical Literature, Necromancy, and Russian Folklore added for good measure. 

Review: Casting Shadows is an entrancing novel of loss, love, revenge, acceptance, and power. Set in Hurst, Ohio, Edward Kelley has no family and only one friend. When a way to get revenge appears on his doorstep, he eagerly takes it. Yet he had little idea of what he was truly getting into by casting the spell. With the help of an undead servant he calls forth, he realizes the gravity of his actions. Add in a 'fairy godmother' and Edward's cop friend Mike, Edward just might be able to stop the evil plaguing Hurst. No longer a pawn, but a player, Edward must stand against those who wish to destroy humanity.

From the first paragraphs, Casting Shadows drew me in and cast a spell over me. I loved the premise, the blend of history and magic, and the transformation of the characters over the course of the story. Vincent, Edward's undead servant, is my favorite character. Clever and creative, Casting Shadows will be a big hit and a book which can be read over and over again. I hope we get to read more about Edward, Mike, and Vincent in the future!


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